How do you think the intermodal market will look over the next three-to-five years? (Tony Hatch)

Hatch Anthony

Very hard to say?

Trade is critical for rails. Will we see a return to normalcy in international/trade policies? A return to stability that is so key to FDI (foreign direct investment) in Mexico (and elsewhere)? How will technology evolve (in all modes)? Will the Pandemic really be in our rearview mirrors by the beginning of 2021? What will the lasting changes be? Will we dialogue with China for all of the legitimate issues and put “trade deficits” back in the locker where it belongs?

The opportunities – trade/nearshoring/modal share – are there. Will the rails take advantage of them? Will geopolitics and environmental concerns favor IM (as they should) or provide further artificial constraints?

I would bet on a good five-year period for rail/IM but nothing these days is a sure thing….