What are your thoughts regarding the Surface Transportation Board (STB) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) joint letter sent to each of the Class I Railroads? (Tony Hatch)

Tony Hatch (4)

August 30, 2020
Tony Hatch, ABH Consulting


On the STB/FRA Letter on (future) rail service coming to me on the same day as Logistics Management “Quest for Quality” 2020 Awards showed that rails had actually edged trucking!

Stay in your lane! A rare (unprecedented?) letter from BOTH the STB (the commercial regulator over tariff moves of bulk materials and chemicals) & the FRA (the RR safety regulator) urges the rails to prepare for the recovery, harvest, and peak season (and avoid slowdowns and congestion and crew shortages, etc). While I greatly respect the 4 signatories (the Administrator & the three Commissioners), this isn’t their job! RRs faced the all-time sawtooth (thanks to C19) demand destruction & rapid recovery. Recent metrics indicate they did it better -- and safer -- than could have been expected. And Intermodal isn’t even (STB) regulated

… At the same time as the joint letter, LM Magazine’s Quest4Quality Awards hit my desk – and RRs beat Truckload (for the first time?) in “Value” - 4.43 to 4.38/5 – and tied in “Customer Service”! So the STB/FRA are not only out of their lanes, they have been lapped….