With rail traffic maintaining its slump, how has intermodal been affected?

Tony Hatch (4)

Intermodal, affected by trade “policy,” the global and US economy, and loose truck capacity, was a black hole.  How much was their own rationalization wasn’t delineated, unfortunately.  Domestic IM was down 8%; International down 23% (versus tough comparisons – that will continue into Q1; and this is excluding Coronavirus impacts).  And finished vehicles dropped 13%, well below the overall production/sales numbers.  For 2020 that latter category received a “-“ forecast while both IM sectors received a “?” from CMO Kenny Rocker.  Again, the PSR-to-PHR pattern in IM since CN is a de-marketing to growth approach; UNP will lap, I believe, their de-marketing impact, and as of February 1 re-started almost 60 lanes (with CSX, and NS) that were cut at the beginning of this journey in 2018; the IM community had some questions about the scale of the announcement.