With no face-to-face conferences this year, how are you connecting with others in the rail industry? (Tony Hatch)

20161212 Tonyhatch (Cropped)

It’s been hard….I am fortunate to have built up many (many) years of a Rolodex and to have spoken at many (many) industry events – thus I have some “capital” built up….but in the pandemic I have had to draw down some (like taking cash from your savings account).

I have been on many (many) Zooms, including SWARS just last week, both as a listener and a speaker. And there are many (many) to some, with recently even a much-anticipated conference (Railway Interchange) scheduled for September was canceled (outright, even, not moved to virtual). The zooms have been a great stop-gap – and in certain ways have shown improved content (a CEO, for example, is more likely to give an hour from his – or her - desk than a series of days of travel.

But of course, it isn’t the same – so much is learned at the coffee break (and the Happy Hour). I sure hope we get to “normalcy ASAP and that, unlike 2020, RailTrends 2021 is “Live….from Times Square in New York City”!