Is the bad news coming from Alberta a bad sign?

20161212 Tonyhatch (Cropped)

The Alberta Oil Sands are subject to an increasing array of their own bad news. First, the list of investment firms and insurers and other financial institutions refusing in some form to do business in the oil sands continues to grow (HSBC, now Blackstone; or a major fund within Blackstone which ominously said it would not invest in any company that “derives revenues” from the Sands….which obviously includes railroads. Recently, a major(~C$20B) Teck Resources project (“Frontier”) was canceled, just days before government ruling on the acceptance of the project was due – the FT quoted that as a “very elegant, very Canadian solution”. Nonetheless, there was criticism from Alberta on Ottawa, of course, but it simply seems that the project's economic viability was in doubt: pipeline den=bates, expense, not just of the project but the need for world oil prices in a range of ~$65-85 – over a decade.