Will you be attending in-person events later this year, and if so, which events? (Tony Hatch)

20161212 Tonyhatch (Cropped)

I sure hope so!  I usually – remember “usually”? – went to 20-40 meetings a year, from, say A (ASLRRA) to at least S (SWARS) or even X (IANA’s “Intermodal eXpo”).

So, while disappointed at some necessary cancelations as the nation improves (Railway Interchange, for instance – with AREMA going “virtual”), I look forward to Fall meetings: Expo, our annual Northwestern Sandhouse Christmas Lunch in Chicago, and, of course, our very own RailTrends in November in NYC.

Ok, the travel’s not so far, but hopefully the restoration of in-person contacts will be a great as the anticipation!