What 3 technology resources do you spend the most time using? (Lindsay English)

Lindsay English

  1. Our own software! We do not "sell" our software, we offer it as a service. So it's critical that we proactively manage our system and data quality. If I am not in the system on a daily basis just like my customers are, I won't see the opportunities to improve the product for them.

  2. LinkedIn. It is even more valuable now that in-person networking events are on hold. I have really enjoyed keeping the conversation going about freight rail and supply chain tech online. Virtual meeting technology to take those online conversations "face to face" has become part of my daily routine.

  3. Fitbit. I'm relying more on the nudge notifications, like reminders to get up and move every hour, while working from home. I love that I don't have to download a bunch of data to look at my health patterns, the built-in analytics to this for me. Our professional lives need to catch up to what we're already doing in our personal life -- ask Alexa or Siri what a railcar's ETA is, receive a nudge for railcars not moving to plan, or pull up fleet analytics on your mobile device (or watch!) without touching a spreadsheet.