With 98.8% of route miles now PTC complete, have you found Positive Train Control to be a positive or negative mandate for the railroads? (John DeWaele)

John Dewaele

What an incredible milestone! PTC is almost complete it was accomplished with the dedication of railroaders everywhere and in every craft! While this is a significant milestone, it’s a reminder that we still need to focus on safety and training.  PTC operations are certainly going to make the railroad a safer means of transportation, but the real investment will continue to be the best investment, educating our employees.

With the regulations of 243 unfolding in front of us, it should remind us that our best resources are our employees and that we need to continuously train our employees and test them to uphold the new safety standards. This applies throughout our industry in all crafts. Through continuous improvement, continuously reinvesting in our employees, and full PTC implementation, we will make the railroad the safest means of transportation.