What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter into the logistics and/or rail industry? What advice should they ignore? (John DeWaele)

John Dewaele (1)

The railroad is a complex industry with many unique characteristics and challenges. Understanding these characteristics and challenges will be key to success for any new employee with a desire to propel their career forward.

Take the time to talk to everyone and make it a point to understand the railroad from their perspective. What are their roles and what are their responsibilities? How do they look at safety? How do they fit into the organization? What are their goals? What does budgeting mean to them? What does operational proficiency mean to them? How do they perceive change? What values are important to them, to their career, and to their view of success?

It’s imperative to practice continuous improvement and learn the internal workings of the railroad through firsthand experiences. You’ll see these qualities and more modeled by the most successful railroaders.