With no face-to-face conferences this year, how are you connecting with others in the rail industry? (Brian Connell)

New Mexico Transloading (Spacing)

We have changed the way we do business outreach. Normally, as a Business Developer, I travel to our customer’s job sites or factories. We have gone back to the drawing board to continue working with customers who have restrictions due to covid and implemented more digital marketing. I think I am subscribed to every conference program available (Zoom, Teams, Go-To-Meeting, Skype, What’s App) the list is endless. I’m keeping in touch with railroaders, via LinkedIn.

Being that railroaders, transloaders, trucking firms, oil/gas companies, and construction firms are essential; we do not know what it is to ‘work from home.' Our thoughts and prayers collectively go out to those who have suffered due to the restrictions and negative economic impact. We will proudly continue to support local businesses and the economic recovery of Our Great Nation.