If you could implement one change to how the rail network operates, what would it be and why? (Jim Blaze)

Jim Blaze

For rail freight to maintain its economic relevance, our industry needs to find a way to re-engage as a consumer-capable supply chain partner. Because while trucking’s role in the early consumer products recovery is up as much as one-third during the mid-second quarter recovery...rail intermodal is down still by about 5% yr. over yr. And the largely industrial products and the bulk cargos and still down by about one-third. That suggests a diminishing rail route.  

The Take-Away:

We need to turn all of these better train operating ratios into something our customers need.

Who has that magic bullet? Who is going to emerge as a military “beachmaster“ from this confusing market destruction … and lead us forward with a tactical plan if our grand strategic growth plans after PSR have left us on floundering on the beach?

The pandemic has left us with an opportunity to change our market thrust. Let’s seize it. Who is that “beachmaster”?