Does email marketing work and how can I implement it in my business? (Alison Babcock, Commtrex Marketing)

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In 1971, American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson made history when he sent the very first email. Then in 1978, the first official email marketing campaign was sent to 400 users, generating $13 million in sales. It didn’t take long for email to take the business world by a storm, and soon it become an important part of marketing strategies everywhere.

Then the entire world changed in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and email changed right along with it. Never before had online communication been so important as the majority of the workforce shifted to remote work. Even with the boom of social media, blog posts, online pop-up ads, video clips, etc., email marketing has continued to be a primary form of reaching target audiences. Emails build relationships, generate leads, boost brand awareness, and promote content. And based on historical and current trends, email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

What are the best ways to reach customers and potential customers through email? The key to successful email marketing is to consider the interests and needs of your target audience when designing a campaign. At Commtrex, we have found that the following methods produce the most successful results (based on open rates and click rates):

  1. Email Newsletters
    Email newsletters are recurring emails sent to subscribed contacts that contain curated content with useful CTA’s (Calls to Action). The goal is to provide ongoing value and promote services within categories such as:
      • Marketing Content
      • News Articles
      • Company Updates
      • Available Products or Services
      • Resources
      • Tips

  1. Targeted Emails
    A targeted email is a tailored message sent to a specific set of subscribers. They include customized content that is relevant to those receiving the email, and the recipient list should be compiled by criteria such as region, interest, customer type, etc. Targeted emails can be anything from promoting a specific product or service, to sending a thank you note or asking recipients to complete a survey. The most effective targeted emails focus on one message and one goal.

  2. Company Announcement Emails
    A company announcement email is a marketing message sent to inform contacts about something new, updated, or changed in your business. You can include a press release or clickable links that provide your reader with additional information. Make sure to include an appropriate CTA to drive interest and leads.

  3. Welcome Emails
    Welcome emails—or a series of welcome emails—can help make a solid first impression with new subscribers. It is here that you can introduce new customers to your brand's mission, values, products, services, and overall message. Since welcome emails are reported to have a 91% open rate, you can expect an overall higher click-through and read rate than other types of emails sent.
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Since the ROI for marketing emails is high ($36 for every $1 spent), companies miss out on an effective marketing tool when they bypass this strategy. Commtrex has a proven technique of successfully implementing email marketing within the rail industry with a focus on click rates and open rates. Click below for more information about the marketing services we offer that will bring more attention to your company through email marketing campaigns.

Next week, learn about White Papers and Case Studies and see how you can use them as an effective marketing strategy ...

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