Mexican Logistics Industry Analysis And Trends Part 3: Market Leader & Trucking Sector (Xavier Zermeño, SIPSA Terminals)

Lesson 3

No Market Dominant Leader, Pulverized Supplier Base In The Trucking Sector


At the end of 2020, 82% of the companies that offered trucking services had 5 or fewer trucks with 24% of total trucks in the market. Companies with 100 or more trucks represented 0.6% of the registered companies, representing 29.7% of total trucks in the marketplace. The largest segment of registered companies (81.5%) had less than 5 trucks with 24% of trucks available on the market. These figures do not account for the informal sector, which is estimated to be at least 15% of México´s GDP.


Although this trend persists today, “AAA” companies have filtered and constrained their supplier base to formal, well-established, and funded companies. Physical, financial, and management infrastructure are preferred by large shippers when contracting a carrier, in order to avoid service disruptions, deal with fewer suppliers, and thus establish economies of scale with their vendors and leverage their bargaining power.



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