Storage Marketplace

The Commtrex Storage Marketplace is designed to successfully connect rail shippers and railcar owners to storage providers with capacity.

A map with several railcar storage locations selected. There is a holding area in the corner of the screen illustrating the different storage providers who will receive the storage request once submitted.

Save Time -- Request Storage from Multiple Storage Providers at One Time

Commtrex currently has over 130,000 storage spaces listed in The Exchange! And we simplify the searching, connecting, and negotiating processes for you. Our quick search form makes it easy to find Storage Providers by state, region, class I connection, and even additional rail services offered. Our interactive map allows for viewing specific locations in greater detail.

Once the desired locations are selected, a Storage Request can be sent instantly to multiple parties at the same time. Commtrex will then send an alert when a response is received and help you compare offers side-by-side.

Whether you need a large or small capacity storage yard, a facility that can store railcars with hazardous materials or hazardous residue, or any other special requirements you may have, reserving storage for your railcars has never been faster or easier!

See the Top 10 Railcar Storage Facilities.

A parked locomotive and a line of railcars at a storage yard at sunset

Choose from Hundreds of Storage Locations Along the Class I Railroads that Fit Your Needs

The Commtrex Storage Marketplace connects railcar owners to storage providers who have available storage capacity at hundreds of railcar storage locations across the US and Canada.

Find storage providers in North America that work for you:

See the Top 10 Railcar Storage Facilities.

A screen showing a list of railcar storage requests, along with status and details of the requests, including when they start and when they expire.

Track Multiple Storage Requests and Communicate with all your Storage Providers in One Place

Stay organized! Keep track of all current and past storage requests in one convenient location.

Directly access your requests from the 'Current' tab by simply clicking on the request to view or edit that selection. Track quantity, dates, locations, expiration dates, and status of requests all on one screen.

Complete information about all expired, withdrawn, or finalized storage requests is saved in the convenient 'History' tab.

Managing an organized railcar fleet is easier with Commtrex!

See the Top 10 Railcar Storage Facilities.

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