Why Verify?

Become a Verified Rail Service Provider in the Commtrex Rail Services Directory to Attract More Business and Make it Easier for Customers to Find You!

The Commtrex Verified Icon shown with a bright yellow circle with a blue checkmark inside

Commtrex Verified Service Locations contain more accurate, updated information from Verified people

  • When you are a Commtrex Verified Service Provider, Shippers and others in need of rail services are assured that your details page contains the most current, up-to-date information.
  • Potential customers can easily and confidently contact you for the services they need, both inside Commtrex and also from information displayed to the general public.
  • The Commtrex Verified status takes the frustration out of looking for service providers who have outdated or incorrect information.
A Screen Shot of a Transloading provider. The photo contains details such as the name of the rail service location, contact details, and services offered. There is a Verified symbol next to the business name. There is also a section containing additional details about the location and the company who owns it. You can also see a map in the middle showing transloading locations across the US suggesting users may want to learn how to become featured on the map.

Verified Service Providers have customized pages!

Verified Service Locations in the Commtrex Services Directory are upgraded from an uninteresting basic page, to an attractive, customized details page. It has extra space for educating users about their company and explaining what makes their rail service location a good fit.

Verified Service Providers can give specific details about their services, certifications, specializations, hours of operation, equipment used---anything they want prospective customers to know!

For our Members logged into Commtrex, Verified Locations are also able to attract attention with customized logos, photos, colors, and more! We make it super easy to personalize your space within The Commtrex Services Directory!

A map full of rail service locations across the US Verified Service Providers have a yellow star on a red location marker. Beneath the map, search results are displayed, showing the Verified Locations highlighted with the Commtrex yellow verified symbol next to their name.

Verified Locations have higher visibility when Members search inside Commtrex

We want our Members to find the most accurate, relevant information when they search the Commtrex Services Directory. So, we always present Verified Locations with a bright Verified Symbol next to their name in the search results. Verified Locations also stand out on our interactive map, highlighted with a yellow star.

In addition, every Verified Service Location has the Commtrex Verified Symbol on their location details page, displayed next to their company name.

Users can quickly compare and filter their results to find the Verified Providers first!