Railroad Safety & Training Services

The Commtrex Rail Services Directory is your go-to solutions provider when you need fast and dependable access to shops offering the railroad safety services, inspections and audits required to keep your fleet operating at full capacity!

A mechanic wearing safety equipment (helmet and jacket) inspecting components of a freight train

Up-to-Date Listings of the Best Rail Inspection Services Available

With the Commtrex Rail Services Directory, you can easily search for top-rated, dependable, and verified rail inspection services and shops. Our database helps keep your fleet of railcars, locomotives, and other assets compliant with all industry standards. Leverage our sophisticated online tool by registering right away to secure full access to the one-stop-shop sources for all of your rail needs!

Yellow safety helmet with earphones, goggles, and gloves

Connect with Shops Offering Dependable Railroad Training Services

Keeping your rail employees trained and proficient on the job also helps prevent a wide range of safety issues and complications that can affect your company's operations. Our online database aids in this effort by providing access to lists of certified shops that deliver rail training services.

Additionally, our Rail Services Directory connects you with countless dependable and top-rated providers who offer:

  • Repair inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Safety requalifications
  • Railcar reliability inspections, and more

Ensure your fleet is fully compliant with the latest AAR and FRA industry standards when you locate rail audit services efficiently with our online database. Then use our side-by-side comparison tool to determine which shop best fits your specific requirements. In addition, our interactive and user-friendly map allows you to search for the services you need along Class I rail connections across North America.

A railroad worker in protective work gear checking the railroad tracks

Secure Critical Railroad Safety Services

Register for access to the Commtrex Rail Services Directory and start conversing with a wide range of industry-leading providers who are standing-by to repair, service, inspect, and maintain your fleet.