Maintenance Shops
for Railcars

The Commtrex Services Directory contains maintenance shops and repair providers who can inspect, repair, service, and maintain all your railcars!

A Welder on the floor of a railcar repair shop welding the underside of a tank car

Which Maintenance Shops Offer the Maintenance Services YOU Need?

Search for maintenance providers who replace brake shoes, cycle doors and gates, change air hoses, and replace other 'soft goods' on your railcars.

In the Commtrex Directory, you will find Maintenance facilities to do your requalifications, inspections, wheel turning, and replacement, as well as those offering full maintenance programs.

Do you need mobile service? Looking for a maintenance shop certified to handle railcars with hazardous material? Sign into the Commtrex Services Directory and search our extensive list of railcar maintenance providers and find one that is right for you!

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A table comparing three different railcar maintenance and repair shops side-by-side. There are check-marks next to the specific services and specializations offered at each location.

Compare Specializations and Certifications of Multiple Service Providers in One Place!

  • Inspections - Railcar maintenance and repair inspections are a way to insure your railcars are up to AAR and FRA standards before leaving the shop.
  • AAR/M1003 Certification - Find railcar maintenance and repair shops that are listed in the Association of American Railroads registry of facilities who have a current M-1003 Certification.
  • Hazardous Handling - Shops that are certified to handle hazardous materials can note this on their details page. When you compare locations, it is easy to identify HazMat-certified locations.
  • Heavy Repair
  • Requalifications - Ensure compliance for the safety, railworthiness, and reliability of your railcars.
  • Verified Status - Filter out maintenance and repair shops that are Commtrex Verified providers for the most accurate, thorough, and up-to-date details.
  • Wreck Repair - Some repair shops can handle light wreck repair; others can also perform heavy wreck repairs.
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Wheel Turning

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A Maintenance Shop worker repairing a bottom-outlet valve on a railcar

Find Railcar Repair Shops that Offer the Exact Services YOU Need!

Choose from a thorough list of shops that can perform light repairs, heavy repairs, and wreck repairs. Whether you need to replace some couplers, repair safety appliances, or replace draft gear, the Commtrex Services Directory can help you find a shop near you!

Many of our maintenance shops for railcars offer wheel replacement, welding, repair programs, and railcar inspections. You can find providers certified for tank cars, as well as general freight cars.

Find repair shops to repair any AAR and FRA defects, or get a bad-ordered car track-ready today!

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