Customized Reports and Dashboards

Data reporting packages, delivered daily, increase visibility and improve planning and operations.

End-to-End Shipment Visibility and Analytics

Commtrex data reporting packages are powered by advanced software that provides real-time visibility and ETAs, advanced analytics, customized performance metrics, simple visualizations, and actionable insights.

Eliminate blind spots and identify inefficiencies through customized reports, scorecards, and dashboards, delivered daily.
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Daily Reports and Dashboards

Reduce Blind Spots and Bottlenecks
  • Fleet Status
  • Loads Summary
  • Empties Summary
  • Inbound Pipeline
  • Loading Plant Inventory
  • Destination Plant Inventory
  • CLAs
  • Geo Mapping of all Loads and Empties
  • Load Delivery Report
  • Fleet Status - Detailed
  • Exceptions - Detailed
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Weekly/Monthly Reports

Maximize Asset Utilization and Improve Customer Service and Operations
  • Loading Plant Cycle Time
  • Loaded Transit Time
  • Destination Plant Cycle Time
  • Empty Return Transit Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Trip Plan Performance
  • Dwell Time
  • Fleet Utilization
  • Freight Cost Analysis
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Daily Accruals

Provide Greater Visibility and Simplify Freight Audits
  • Demurrage Accruals
  • Freight Accruals
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