Rail Fleet Management

Commtrex offers best-in-class Rail Fleet Management Services that leverage data analytics and an extensive network of partners to optimize transportation programs for shippers.

Railcar fleet management simplifies the shipping process, making it more efficient and economical to monitor rail freight movements. The capabilities of our seasoned team allow shippers to save time, reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risks, gain strategic insight, and optimize operations. Railcar fleet management encompasses much more than data analytics and detailed reports. It involves having a team that is synchronized with the logistics and commercial strategy of shippers. Fleet management should not be viewed as a cost center, but rather a mechanism to help generate more commercial opportunities for the shipper's core business.

More shippers are recognizing the advantages of these integrated transportation solutions, as demonstrated by the uptick in demand for fleet management services and the greater reliance on third parties to manage rail fleet movements. According to Markets and Markets research, the global railcar asset management market size is forecasted to grow from $9.4 billion in 2020 to $12.6 billion by 2025.

Commtrex provides shippers with asset management services, eliminating many hassles that go along with monitoring the status of railcars in a fleet. We partner with Class I and Short Line Railroads, technology companies, rail service providers, and other freight carriers to extend excellent services to shippers looking to optimize the productivity in their supply chain.

The Benefits of Railcar Asset Management

Since asset management is multi-faceted, there are a number of benefits to utilizing it:

In Transit Monitoring

In-transit monitoring services reduce delays through proactive origin-to-destination tracking management and accurate information on the location and status of shipments. With the volume of freight on the rail network growing annually, there is higher congestion and more potential for delays. Shippers can mitigate these issues by identifying exceptions in real-time, and by pursuing resolutions immediately. Shippers should be proactive about reducing dwell time so they can keep their freight moving efficiently and cost-effectively. This makes in-transit monitoring valuable to shippers and railroad operators alike.

Pipeline Reporting and Performance Measurement

A critical component of monitoring a shipper's rail fleet is the ability to analyze key reporting metrics including cycle time, turn times, and dwell times. Managing a rail fleet is a dynamic process with many moving parts that requires an experienced and seasoned team to measure fleet efficiencies and utilization. By setting up the right asset management program, shippers alleviate many issues that inevitably occur throughout the shipment process.

Procurement of Railcars

The Commtrex platform has over 50,000 railcars and tank cars, with more than 30 leasing companies using the system. Our data analytics assist shippers with both understanding the supply/demand balance of the fleet and understanding market trends for each railcar type. Our team leverages the information on the platform to procure either hard-to-find or readily available cars that are best positioned to provide economical delivery to our shippers.

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