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Commtrex effectively connects shippers with rail-served warehouses to provide more flexibility and optionality for shipper's supply chain programs.
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Rail-served warehousing is an integral part of the supply chain. Many commodities that move by rail such as finished goods, lumber, and mechanical parts require protection from external elements that may compromise the integrity of the freight during transit. Rail-served warehousing provides storage solutions at various points along the rail network so shippers can keep their freight secure throughout the transportation move.

The Importance of Rail-Served Warehousing

The importance of rail-served warehousing is especially evident when evaluating each leg of the rail shipment move. With the right partners, this should be a simple process. Once railcars depart from their origin, they head to an open warehouse along their route. The warehouse receives the railcar at their dock and the car's contents are carefully removed for short- or long-term storage. Finally, the products are transferred from storage into a truck to be delivered to their final destination.

Given the continued growth of moving freight by rail, Class I railroads are building more logistics centers across their network. Many are designed to serve both manifest freight and contract bulk and break-bulk customers. These logistics hubs will include multiple rail tracks, outdoor/indoor storage facilities, loading bays, and equipment to manage all types of products. Rail-served warehousing is a critical component of these logistic centers.

Commtrex empowers shippers to incorporate rail-served warehousing into their freight transportation program through our extensive network of partners.

Opportunity to Service New Markets

As new rail-served warehouses and outdoor storage facilities are built across the country, shippers can broaden their market reach by expanding their network of warehouses and distribution centers. The ability to diversify distribution networks to under-served markets can increase business and drive additional revenue.

Save Time and Transportation Costs

In tandem with expanded market reach, rail-served warehousing provides additional forward position flexibility to create a more elastic and responsive supply chain program. With greater accessibility and proximity to shipper's customers, working with the right warehouse simplifies distribution and speeds up shipment time.

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