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Commtrex connects shippers with reliable and high-quality freight packaging service providers to ensure the proper handling of all types of cargo.
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Freight packaging is a critical component of many transportation programs. If not done correctly, a shipper's freight is at risk of being damaged during the course of the trip. Hazardous materials such as chemicals, pose a significant danger and liability if they are not secured properly during the transportation move.

There are railcar loading rules put in place by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). This means that not only does inadequate loading and freight packaging result in damaged products, but shippers can also face significant penalties if this is not managed correctly.

Commtrex connects shippers with reliable freight packaging services. We partner with reputable service providers so that shippers can engage a company that has the experience to deliver high-quality services. We help provide commodity-specific packaging solutions for stress-free, reliable shipping.

How Does Freight Packaging Work?

Dunnage is the durable padding material used to secure freight during shipping. The three primary types of dunnage are custom dunnage, component packs, and multi-material varieties. Dunnage can be anything from corrugated paper, solid plastics, foam, aluminum, wood, steel, and bubble wrap. Dunnage adds extra cushioning by filling the gaps inside the container. This freight packaging increases shock absorption and protects cargo from shifting or breaking during transit. Packagers consider multiple factors when choosing the appropriate dunnage, including dimensions, weight, fragility, and mode of transport.

Freight packaging is rarely a one-time event. Investing in a trustworthy freight packaging expert can save shippers from unnecessary issues throughout the hauling process. It is important to ask about dunnage options and how your cargo is safeguarded while in transit. Some providers offer custom solutions based on the commodity being moved.

Added Benefits of Freight Packaging

In addition to keeping shipments safe, proper freight packaging comes with a number of advantages that benefit shippers and businesses in the long run:

Mitigates Negative Impacts to Revenue

Dunnage used in freight packaging protects revenue by reducing the likelihood of refunds issued or outright rejection of acceptance by the receiver of goods. In terms of costs to the shipper, most dunnage is made from recycled materials, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Boosts Profits

Effective freight packaging can boost profits as a result of continued and expanded business. When a shipper establishes relationships with reliable and high-quality freight packaging companies, they can act as a partner to minimize the total cost of the freight being shipped.

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