Mixed Freight - Rails Since RT18

December 14, 2018


After today, only 10 shopping days left….if that phrase has any meaning anymore.  After the difficult task of analyzing and summarizing RailTrends (“That’s a Wrap”), and a quick visit to Chicago for the annual Sandhouse Christmas Luncheon speech, I felt the need to go back and …

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MAFTA & Rails - A Summer Squall

August 30, 2018

Greetings, Happy Labor Day! 

Woken up from a summer nap!  I was preparing to write another “Dog Days of Summer” piece, some of which is below, when the news struck, and optimism reigned – then we woke form our stupor and began thinking a bit….For you “Wise Men” (and you know who you are) – wait a week and I will highlight your terrific insights; MAFTA and reader beach time suggests a timely delay….

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Rails: Dog Days & Roundtables

August 21, 2018


Dog Days – these lazy end-of-summer days are perfect for catching up with old ideas or old friends – so this week I will include a few recent news items, my answers to Logistics management magazine’s questions for an upcoming “Rail/IM Roundtable”, and some comments to pushback on my Q2/18 “Review” from last week.  If you missed John Oliver on HBO Sunday breaking down the trade war, here it is:  https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/television/2018/08/20/john-oliver-breaks-down-trade-war/MpwkfbDUX7YvVfCGrFdS5N/story.html .  Stay cool!

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