CN | Rail Safety Week

Every year, CN partners with Operation Lifesaver in Canada and the United States to actively engage with the public to promote Rail Safety Week. For the first time, the campaign will be rolled out as ONE TEAM during the same week across all of CN: September 23 to the 29.

Do you know, every day on a railroad somewhere in North America, someone is injured or killed in an entirely preventable trespassing or crossing incident?  As much as we look out for each other on the job, we must also look out for the ones we care about in our communities to prevent these tragedies. 

Show your support! Join us!

Here are a few easy ways you can help make your community safer and show your support:

  • Share these rail safety tips with your family, friends, colleagues and community

  • Add the CN Police phone number to your contacts and call if you witness any unsafe situation near the railroad: 1-800-465-9239

  • If you live in a CN-served community, email us at to organize a safety presentation in your local school or volunteer to talk to your kids’ class about rail safety

  • Act as a role model around trains and tracks

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