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Becoming a Verified Service Location has
NEW Advantages

  • Verified Locations will now be featured by default as alternate options on Basic Location pages within a new “You May Also Like” section.

  • Additionally, Verified Providers will have this section removed from their Location Details page once they become Verified.



Buyers and Sellers can now discuss Purchase Offers on The Commtrex Exchange

  • Buyers and Sellers can now communicate with each other through a dedicated Purchase Offer Discussion area.

  • Terms can be negotiated, conversation is retained, and attachments can be uploaded.

  • Everything stays secure and organized within that private Discussion.

Top 10.png

"Top 10" Lists

-- Just Published --

Our new public Top 10 lists
are available to those
outside The Exchange, AND searchable on Google and other search engines.


Storage Map.png

New Storage Location Map

Storage Offers received can now be seen by location, plotted on our NEW location comparison map.


Users can now view Alternates

Easily find additional options on Request and Listing Details pages with our new "You May Also Like" section.

My Saved Storage Locations 2.png

Keep Track of Storage and Service Locations Using Our New 'My Saved Locations' Feature

  • Access your saved locations with one click.

  • Organize with custom category label options.

  • Utilize the platform as a virtual address book to manage contact s.


New Dashboard Features

Navigating the Exchange just got faster.
Check out the improved 'My Exchange' widget and a NEW 'Quick Actions' widget.

Lease Dialogue Help.png

New Lease Dialogue Help

Negotiating a Lease just got easier.
We now provide step-by-step instructions that are accessible within the Lease Dialogue pages.