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Downers Grove, IL
Fleet Management.

AllTranstek is North America's largest third-party, non-asset based provider of knowledge services to the rail sector. No other company has the combination of innovation, independence, and individualized solutions that characterize AllTranstek. We have practical solutions supported by keen insights and advanced technology to meet any challenge.

Bourque Logistics

The Woodlands, TX
Fleet Management.

BOURQUE LOGISTICS has automated rail shipment processes for shippers since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, the leading rail fleet and shipment management software for rail shippers. Bourque Logistics provides a full suite of modules addressing multi-mode shipment operations for loading/shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking/tracing, etc. Bourque Logistics also provides professional service support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

Lodestar Rail Services

Houston, TX
Fleet Management Services

Lodestar Rail Services LLC (LRS) is a full-service rail logistics management business within the Lodestar Energy Group portfolio of companies. LRS provides a focused and integrated of service to its customers through the supply of rail equipment, rail freight and rail fleet management. LRS achieves the desired commercial and operational outcomes through timely reporting, action and communication. We can serve your needs from anywhere in the world that has internet service.

Bayport Rail Terminal

Pasadena, TX
Industrial Switching, Safety Inspections, Transloading.

Bayport Rail Terminal (BRT) is a one-stop-shop for all of your railcar storage and maintenance needs. BRT has an 850 car capacity, an onsite railcar repairs/maintenance operation, transload tracks, and strategic connectivity to the Union Pacific Bayport Loop subdivision. BRT also provides 24-hour outbound cutoffs, cherry picking services, and weekend switching.

CRU Railcar Services

Elmendorf, TX
Cleaning (General Freight & Tank)

We, at CRU Railcar Services, believe in a safe and efficient work environment. Our employees are highly trained and fully equipped to handle our clients' needs. We follow a strict proprietary process that includes railcar de-gassing, hydroblasting, washing, and steaming. Our cleaning certificates include black light inspections. Adjacent to an AAR certified repair facility specializing in all C5/C6 repairs. Located within an industrial park with 300+ storage spots available.

Louisiana & NW Railroad

Gibsland, LA
Short Line, Storage Yard

The Louisiana and North West Railroad (“LNW”) is a 68-mile, freight short line railroad headquartered in Homer, Louisiana. The railroad interchanges traffic with the Union Pacific at McNeil and with Kansas City Southern at Gibsland. In addition to the rail line and other track assets, the LNW owns 845 acres of real estate, a general office building, five locomotives, maintenance of way equipment, a locomotive shop, two rail car repair shops, three rail yards, three communication towers, and 27 railcars.

BioChem Systems & VPRX

The Woodlands, TX
Cleaning (General Freight & Tank), Supplier.

Enhance Tank Car Cleaning Operation. BioChem Systems is a leading chemical supplier in the tank car repair & maintenance industry. Our patented VaporX® cleaning process is quickly being adopted by tank car cleaning facilities to reduce the cleaning timeline versus traditional methods. A second BioChem product offering specific to the rail industry is RailX®.

Gravity Rail / 225 Rail

Pasadena, TX
Industrial Switching, Safety Inspections, Transloading

225 Rail was designed and built to deliver the maximum safety and security for our customers. 225 Rail features the following: Security gate entrance, fully lighted Yard with full surveillance camera coverage; French drain with over 500 drain inlets feeding an industrial underground Drainage System. All new 115 lbs. continuous welded rail, 100% steel ties, AREMA spec granite ballast. 225 Rail is a privately-owned rail car storage facility.

R.J.Corman Railroad Group

Nicholasville, KY
Engineering, Industrial Switching, Track Services.

Providing the Highest Quality Service & Execution to the Railroad Industry since 1973. R. J. Corman Railroad Group, LLC serves all 7 North American major railroads, regional and short line railroads, and dozens of industries having rail. Services include owning and operating 13 short lines, providing emergency rail services, switching, track construction, track material distribution, signal design/construction, building switching locomotives, and operating a dinner train.