Lease, Buy, Sell, Service DOT112 Tank Cars

2018 has become a hot market for commodities moving on rail, especially those who need DOT 112 railcars. Commtrex is a private marketplace facilitating business between Rail Shippers, Storage Facility Providers, Rail Services, and Resellers. Members directly interact with the other party to create lease, sales and service agreements. Our members track their asset availability and privately market idle cars and the terms that their cars are available. As of June 2018, we have over $415 Million in railcar assets available for leasing and sales.

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Alternatively, contact us and let us know how Commtrex can help your company by:


1. Marketing idle tank car assets to find lessees who will match your leasing windows and pricing. With the current demand, no DOT 112 tank cars should be in storage where the asset owner is loosing money.


2. Finding idle tank cars to use for short term movements or short term storage. LPG abundance has moved many DOT112s into Canada


3. Finding storage locations for full tank cars that meet the hazardous material storage certifications.

Tank car repair service

4. Finding tanker rail car service providers such as railcar repair work, safety certification, retrofit, cleaning, painting, and stencil.