Yes, Houston Has A Problem: Rail Congestion, Again

In response to shipper complaints, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) in March asked all seven Class 1 railroads operating in the U.S. to report on their operational plans for 2018. A late March letter from UP CEO Lance Fritz and early April letter from KCS CEO Patrick Ottensmeyer both specifically mentioned slowdowns in the Houston area.

ME2 Uncertainty Continues; Class 1 RRs Face STB Reckoning

ME2 is still in the news, with questions still outstanding as to the timing of its opening. The Surface Transportation Board wants the major railroads to report on how they will fix operational issues in 2018. New England is seeing some upgrades of propane terminal facilities. And the outlook for tank car leases.

ETI 5 Questions: 4J Energy’s Jay Harbison on Expected Changes in Energy Transport

Jay Harbison has more than 25 years of experience in energy logistics. He has a background in shipping crude by rail. But with 4J Energy, which he co-founded in 2015, his first job was shipping propane into Mexico. Harbison, president of 4J Energy, recently answered five questions for Energy Transport Insider, looking at the possible path ahead for the energy transport industry.

Loaded LPG Tank Car Moves Rebound in March from February

LPG tank car moves rebounded in March from February as cold weather persisted through the last month of the official October to March winter heating season. Total loaded LPG tank car moves rose 11.4% in March from February.

BNSF’s Surcharge on Use of DOT-111s An Issue, Even Past Reg Deadlines

In addition to the federal regs surrounding DOT-111 tank cars, the BNSF Railway has taken to charging more to haul DOT-111s and that’s not fair, said the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).

Traders Fear Another Mariner East Project Delay

Fears on the part of natural gas liquids (NGL) traders that Energy Transfer Partners’ (ETP) Mariner East 2 (ME2) NGL pipeline may see further delays could become a reality as the project continues to be plagued by problems.

Tank Car Sublease Rates See Continued Weakness as Heating Season Ends

Short-term liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank car lease rates saw continued weakness this past week as the October to March winter heating season comes to a close.

Loaded LPG Tank Car Moves Fall Sharply in February from January

Loaded liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank car moves fell sharply in February from January as the winter heating season finished its fifth month. Total loaded LPG tank car moves fell 18% in February from January, according to a sampling of tank car moves compiled by Energy Transport Insider.

Approaching LPG Supply Contract Season Puts Rail Industry on Watch for Bargains

Even though propane prices are on the rise this year, there remain bargains. As in all markets, industry participants who can find the opportunity amid existing conditions stand to benefit.

UTLX Expects to Retrofit 5,000 DOT-111 Rail Cars by End of 2018

By the end of 2018, UTLX will have retrofitted a total of 5,000 DOT-111 tank cars to the new DOT-117R standards, said David Murawski, senior vice president, sales and marketing with rail car manufacturer and seller Union Tank Car Company (UTLX).

LPG Contract Season Highlights: ME2 to See Line Fill in 3Q18

This is the time of year when LPG marketers negotiate their supply contracts for the coming year, and the industry is buzzing with talk about what the coming year might bring. One of the biggest topics is ME2 and its future. Dissatisfaction with railroads is another.

Questions to Ask to Help Optimize Your Rail Car Fleet

When propane demand surges, tank car lease rates and propane prices spike. The industry was left scrambling for product and tank cars in January. Good fleet management can help ensure that butane or propane is available at a reasonable price when needed.