Hurricane Harvey Hits Commtrex HQ

As many of you know, the Commtrex headquarters is based in Midtown, Houston. Hurricane Harvey has affected everyone in the Houston area over the last few days, and the widespread devastation has been felt by the Commtrex team. Due to the crisis, the Commtrex office will be shut down until it is safe to return. The safety of our employees is our top concern and we have asked the staff to remain in sheltered locations until the storm has passed.

The Commtrex Exchange is fully operational. It is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so the service is uninterrupted and all members can continue to transact in Rail Asset Leasing, Storage, Buy & Sell, and Services. However, our response time will be slower with staff related requests such as billing, new membership creation, product demonstrations, or support.

For updates on the storm and Houston evacuation plans, please refer to the Google crisis map. If you have an urgent Commtrex related request, please call us at 1-713-280-7987.

Martin Lew